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When Brexit comes will you be ready for the new reality?

Do you provide goods and services to; or monitor the behaviours of, citizens within the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) which covers the EU, plus Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway on a regular basis?

• If you do, the chances are that you will hold or process personal data of many individuals within the EU/EEA.

• If you don’t have a physical presence within the EEA, you will have to consider your options in order to remain compliant with the requirement for organisations from non-EU (or "third") countries, following the UK’s departure from the EU (BREXIT).

• For many organisations, the decision to set up a physical presence within the EEA is not a viable option, in which case you should consider the option of appointing a representative.

That’s where Article 27 Representation can help you:

Article 27 Representation provides a cost effective representative service that allows you to fulfil your GDPR obligations from as little as the price of a couple of coffees each week.

• Why expose yourself to the potential risk of fines of €10m, or 2% of your global turnover, when an affordable solution can eliminate that risk, providing you with expert advice on data privacy and managing your relationships with your customers and regulators overseas.

To find out more, contact Article 27 Representation today.

Article 27 Representation - Making Compliance Affordable.

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