Article 27 Representation was set up to help address the challenges that many small and medium sized organisations in the UK and EEA will face, as well as those in the rest of the world, because of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Whether you supported the decision to leave or not, the reality is that organisations in both the EU and UK have until now been part of the same data privacy regime. However, after departing the EU, the UK will become a “third country” with a separate regime from both a data privacy and protection perspective.

However, even though we are starting off from a position of having the same standards and regulations, we will not automatically have “equivalence” with the EU. Therefore businesses and other organisations will have to ensure compliance.

This means that UK organisations who hold and/or process the personal data of EEA citizens must have a presence or appoint a representative in the EU who will act on their behalf.

Larger organisations and businesses will probably have an office that they can register as their European office.

But for others, particularly smaller organisations, this is not a realistic or affordable option, which is why Article 27 Representation exists.

We believe that businesses and organisations should not have to be burdened any more than is necessary because of this decision.

Our mantra is to “make compliance affordable”, so that you can continue to operate from almost the same position as before the UK left and with minimal impact to your organisation’s profitability or costs.

What makes us the ideal partner?

Our leadership team have over twenty years’ experience of setting up and developing efficient, cost effective solutions. Because of this we have earned ourselves an outstanding reputation for establishing operations which offer the highest standards of rigour and compliance.

At Article 27 Representation, we go the extra mile to ensure that our processes and systems are robust and scalable, so that our clients can put every confidence in us to deliver the right level of service and support, reliably and consistently.

Why are we different?

We see your decision to appoint Article 27 Representation as an emphatic statement of your commitment to your European customers and partners; that you value them are will be there for them.

Unlike other organisations offering these services, we are building for scale.

We want our customers and clients to know that we are a business that is fully committed to a continuous journey to keep improving our services and operations.

We intend to offer new innovative products and services that will help your business and organisation to seamlessly adapt to the new reality post-Brexit.

That’s because we don’t believe that it’s a privileged few that should be paying a premium price in order to be represented and compliant.

Instead, we believe that it is the right of every organisation to have access a quality service offered at a competitive price.

Selecting Article 27 Representation means that you are choosing a partner with a vision and mission; to serve its clients faithfully and ensure that they properly represented by a partner who values the confidence and trust that has been placed in them.

Professional Indemnity and Liability

As your chosen partner, you can be assured that we have evaluated our own potential regulatory risks. As a result, we have secured professional indemnity and liability insurance to cover all professional risks up to €40m in both Europe and the UK.